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“Every sleep is a dream, a journey, an experience always different, but repeatable every night”
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Impalpable and mischievous nightdresses, pyjamas “comme il faut” and dressing gowns worthy of a great star for her… the small hours are approaching!

Impeccable pyjamas, chic and dandyish nightshirts, irresistible boxer shorts and aristocratic dressing gowns for him… The night is young!

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Sets of sheets and duvet cover with pillowcases and bottom sheets, as befits a well-made bed!

Plaid blankets, pillows, bedspreads and linen scented sachet to complete the work. Sleeping well is an art!

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On a boat, in a hotel, on a plane, not only pyjamas and silk masks to cuddle your eyes, your tailored night linen and bedding accompanies and welcomes you.

Every journey is a special project: good relaxation!

I love the Night

the moon dances on the lake, lightly and silently reaching me here from amongst the branches of the trees. I can feel it set my gaze aglow, whilst I embrace you happy before falling asleep. It is the most secret, intimate moment, between the embroidered sheets and tenuous fabrics softly touching us like a caress. I can feel my breath soft and deep, body fluid, already imagining the fragrance of tomorrow’s reawakening … Goodnight! We’re already dreaming


They are just a few, simple, absolutely refined. Contemporary revivals of the Italian aristocratic luxury and bourgeois taste of the early 20th century. Inspirations: the trunks that once used to contain grandparents’ trousseaus, 20th-century Museums, Europe’s first great “tailors”, vintage photo and drawing albums. In the details of Olga Frua, almost perfect, we can still find today handmade craftsmanship of haute couture that make each garment an exclusive “unique” fully imagined, designed and made in Italy.


A customised service is also available for the yachting, hospitality and wedding sector, as well as the possibility of having a logo and monogram embroidered on bed sets and nightwear, choosing among the classic ajour embroidery, a contrasting profile, buttonholes and fabric buttons, a distinctive feature of Olga Frua, or the finishes of your choice. All products can be matched with one another choosing among the colours and excellent materials in the collection.

Choose your own sleepstyle!


Olga Frua celebrates marriage with a stylish collection, evoking the valuable tradition of the Italian trousseau to dress the night of the newly-wed couple with exclusive nightwear, haute couture pyjamas for him and impalpable nightdresses able to enhance every woman’s femininity. Cotton, linen, cashmere, and silk: top-quality natural fabrics, excellence of Made in Italy manufacture. Olga Frua uses only valuable materials, accurate to the smallest detail and embellished with the art of ajour embroidery and contrasting profiles. The timeless purity of white combines perfectly with other charming nuances, giving a touch of magic and personality from the very first night!


“2015 - Ars Dormiendi”

“2016 - Pigiama Party.”

“2017 - Don't disturb.”

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