Olga Frua linen includes stylish sheets, duvet covers, bedspreads, and pillowcases in the basic King size and decorative pillows in different sizes.

Olga Frua follows each “custom-made” project from concept to delivery, working alongside designers and private parties in the customisation of premium textiles, providing advice on the residential, yachting, hospitality and wedding sectors. Fabrics, colours, finishes, to be chosen and composed, in addition to the exclusive details such as logo and monogram embroideries.


All of Olga Frua fabrics are lightweight, natural, and comfortable. Excellent yarns and innovative compositions have especially been designed in order to ensure the best possible conditions for an ideal sleep. Lightness, naturalness, and pleasure are some of the basic values underlying the Olga Frua collection.



Silk is an animal fibre that lends itself to manufacturing for obtaining particularly precious fabrics. Its characteristic softness, brightness and pleasantness to the touch make it one of the noblest fibres and a luxury item, much sought-after from time immemorial, whose extensive use dates back as early as the time of the Chinese emperors in 3000 BC. The silk used for Olga Frua pyjamas, plain-coloured nightdresses and dressing gowns is produced entirely in northern Italy and ennobled in the environs of Como. It undergoes a “MAT SATIN” workmanship and has an extraordinary weight that makes it extremely pleasant to wear every night throughout the year. Lighter, almost a veil, silk “CHIFFON” is used for bouquet printed nightdresses, ideal for warmer climates and summertime.


Linen Silk

The harmonious combination of linen and silk is much more than a simple coupling between fibres of different nature in the twisting of a spinning or between the mechanisms of a loom: it is the meeting between East and West, between sunrise and sunset, between masculine and feminine, between past and future, between pleasure and peace. The linen and silk fabric proposed by Olga Frua is the synthesis of opposing attractions, of impossible loves, of burning passions, of whispers and screams. A lovely gesture to cuddle yourself and the ones you love, embroidered on the bed, with a contrasting profile on the nightwear.


Cotton Silk

Olga Frua loves meetings, sometimes impossible, some other times seductive, as is the case with that of silk and cotton, which are woven into a fabric whose name itself evokes the city of Beijing. It was precisely Marco Polo who brought back to Venice the fine fabrics from the Far East for the first time ever, which were absolutely precious! However, the Italians were the ones who substantially contributed over time to make them even more noble and excellent, thereby turning our country into a real reference point worldwide for both the quality and style of the textile materials and the imaginative design and fineness of tailoring. PEKIN by Olga Frua is a graceful encounter between a bright line of silk satin and a mat line of cotton, which run after each other, side by side on the structure of the tissue, interrupted every now and then by a cheerful bouquet of colourful wildflowers.


Cotton Cachemere

Cashmere is a very precious textile fibre made from the hair of a goat breed known under the name of capra hircus. Cashmere wool is soft, silky and velvety to the touch and provides a warm and soft sensation. Its name comes from Kashmir, historically considered the region of origin of its fibres. Olga Frua sheets, warmer and more innovative, are the result of a happy combination of a plant fibre, cotton (typical of bed linen) with an animal fibre, cashmere. You are not expected to appreciate them at first glance and at first touch! They are easily distinguishable by their extremely elegant beige, which naturally evokes warmth, and the pleasant awakening in the morning in early autumn. An irresistible luxury!



The cotton varieties that make up the Olga Frua fine yarns are among the best available top-quality, long fibre ones. Their weave gives rise to a fabric of no less than 300 threads per square inch called PERCALE, whose unmistakable and refined – almost silky – effect is extremely smooth and dry to the touch. In keeping with the family tradition, our sheets, duvet covers and related matching sets come with rat tail cord edges, also in cotton, either tone on tone in immaculate white or contrasting on colour. It is just impeccable and reliable on all beds and at all latitudes. The same is also true for nightdresses, dressing gowns and men’s pyjamas of purest and finest percale.



Linen is simple and extraordinary. It evokes situations of past times, memories with a scent of freshly laundered clothes, healthy vapours and massage oils, well-being, lavender-flavoured dreams. A vegetable fibre, natural par excellence, used by mankind for millennia, Olga Frua linen is very valuable, has a dry, yet flexible and durable texture, whose moisture absorption capacity is responsible for the feeling of well-being it conveys. Particularly lightweight, the bed linen comes with ajour embroidery, the only chic detail that breaks the plain white and indigo blue colour. Ideal for boat, sea, summer, and water, it comes coordinated with the nightdress, pyjamas and men’s dressing gown, without embroidery but embellished with a contrasting profile.


White, Feather, Beige, Gold, Adrianople Red, Indigo Blue, Grey: each colour has a meaning, whether in itself or combined with others according to the colour choice of Olga Frua. This palette is part of its entrepreneurial and aesthetic vision dedicated to the night. The colours of the night, of the sky shining bright as red as fire at sunset;: the colours of moon sand, of the stars, of dreams and of awakening.


Adrianople Red

Inspired by Turkish red, a colour full of energy that recalls the skies on fire at sunset, the corals of our seas, the passion of our latitudes, the Thousand and One Nights, the Ottoman harems and, ultimately, Africa. The quality of Adrianople red produced in the plants of the Fabric Printing Workshop De Angeli Frua in Milan in the 20s was unsurpassable. An iconic, inherited colour, which retains the intensity of the dye and expresses in the vision of Olga Frua the vibrant energy of youth. Red is like the heart that burns with life and passion: it is the colour of fire, blood, forbidden fruits, voluptuousness, audacity and courage.



Olga Frua natural dyes lit by the sun: the feather and beige of linen bed are turned into gold to wear! Sensual golden transparency on the silk chiffon, shiny silky fullness in the plain-coloured satin. The colour of the sun, of royalty, of the sacred, of success, of the alchemically most sought-for element, Olga Frua GOLD is a magical glare in the night that reveals interiority and intimacy, true contemporary luxuries!


Indigo Blue

A colour as old as the first linen fabrics, a plunge into the shades of the sky and the Mediterranean Sea, which has been the cradle of so many textiles and artistic cultures. Used in tapestries and clothing, as a colour for painting, sculpture and women’s cosmetics, Indigo is obtained from woad, a plant with anti-inflammatory properties. Olga Frua Indigo Blue is a tribute to the industry and craftsmanship of the early 20th century, a colour which is also produced in large quantities by the Fabric Printing Workshop Frua De Angeli in Milan. It is the colour of air and water, of freedom and clear nights, and of the starry sky.



Absolute snow-white, uncompromising purity: white is the colour of waiting for a promise kept. It is the sum of all colours. It is a starting point, the common denominator that Olga Frua has in common with grandma’s or, for the lucky ones, mum’s trousseau. A dowry, an essential supply for every female beings of yore, white embroidered and monogrammed linen ensured perfect unions, be they aristocratic or not. Today, they are a point of arrival to rebalance your energy, loosen up your body, relax your mind, and cradle your soul. A carefree sleep and the relaxing enjoyment of a white bed, a bright harmony declined on linen, cotton, and even silk to wear. In its collection, Olga Frua offers men’s pyjamas and dressing gowns and women’s nightdresses.


Feather & Beige

Neutral and natural relaxing colours support any combination of character, enhancing without being intrusive. The delicate Olga Frua FEATHER tells the authenticity of fibres interwoven as in a nest, without dyeing and finishing processes. Absolute naturalness. The sophisticated BEIGE tone evokes the sand and the dry heat of dunes or stacked firewood, or even skin, the neutral boundary of the sensory realm. Colours reminiscent of the earth, the work of nature and man, women’s receptivity, men’s assertiveness.



Olga Frua GREY has a timeless and elegance without frills. Reflections of metallic brightness, of stones and rocks, of a lake in winter. Shells, nacre, mist on the water, precious opal in the clearest variation and pearly. Colours reminiscent of the air and stones, mysterious crystals of nature,  feminine delicacy,  male force.


They are just a few, simple, absolutely refined. Contemporary revivals of the Italian aristocratic luxury and bourgeois taste of the early 20th century. Inspirations: the trunks that once used to contain grandparents’ trousseaus, 20th-century  Museums, Europe’s first great tailors”, vintage photo and drawing albums. In the details of Olga Frua, almost perfect, we can still find today handmade craftsmanship of haute couture that make each garment an exclusive “uniquefully imagined, designed and made in Italy.


Buttons e Buttonholes

Soft and with a camouflage effect on the product, Olga Frua buttons are individually covered with the same fabric of the garment and hand-sewn, one by one. Smaller and apparently irregular, the nine buttons that close the bodice of the nightdresses. The buttonholes that house them are made from the same silk and applied externally, an unavoidable detail of the highest tailoring that recalls the magnificent women’s evening dresses as well as being reminiscent of the style in fashion in D’Annunzio’s period.



A small strip of unembroidered fabric (cotton, linen or silk) applied along the edges of each textile by Olga Frua. Contour line, imaginary or drawn, of a product, a landscape, an object or a person. This decorative perimeter recalls the sober and very elegant finishes of bed linen of European gentlemen in the early 20th century.


Ajour Embroidery

Gathering the threads inside an unthreaded border, hemstitching, is the most ancient skill, the art of making. From generation to generation, Italian women have handed down techniques and knowledge to embellish the world around them. Female hands, old sewing machines now almost impossible to find, time, simplicity, some imperfections and lots of love: today, Olga Frua hemstitching is a decoration of timeless design, elegant in its synthetic richness.


Floral Print

The freshness of the floral print is palpable. The floral bouquet print, chosen by drawing inspiration from the designs of De Angeli Frua in Milan, evokes scents of fields and sunny meadows; it brings joy, luck and positive feelings just like a hot day in late spring. For Olga Frua wildflowers, including poppies, are a link with the wild self-grown vegetation of Lake Maggiore and express the pleasure and desire for a free and authentic life. Especially at night, you can get back to yourself and your own emotions.



A hallmark to express not only one’s own identity, but also a secret alphabet, a coded message. From ancient times to date, monogramming one’s own objects has always expressed a strong personality that asserts itself with its own “brand”, as if to represent its uniqueness. From linen to handkerchiefs, that the bride and bridegroom-to-be used to exchange as a symbol of love and fidelity. The stitches used are full and short stitch, satin stitch, couching stitch, and sand stitch, to name just the most stylish.



The name in honor of its inventor. On looms equipped with Jacquard machine each warp thread can be moved independently of all the others; the result is extraordinary: any pattern and design can be made, tone on tone or choosing more colours.
Silk, cotton, linen for maximum customization imaginable!

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