Olga Frua presents its latest multicolour visions 

Florence, 9 – 12 January 2018. What is a film, if not a dream coming true, inspiring dreams and  creating myths in those who are watching it? From the very first black-and-white motion pictures up to today’s 3D vision, cinema has never lost its magic: from Hollywood to Rome, Venice, Cannes, Berlin and Bollywood, creativity is celebrated every year on the ever-present “red carpet”.

And the protagonists of yesterday and today are precisely the ones to whom today Olga Frua has decided to dedicate its multicolour fashion show of pyjamas, nightshirts, dressing gowns and vests, playing with stripes and hues, plain colours and embroideries, interpreting the previously unseen patterns from its Archives, heritage of the old family fabric printworks, De Angeli Frua, in Milan.

Extremely elegant and absolutely impeccable, the pinstriped pyjamas by Olga Frua, with regular silken stripes, suitable for a perfect Latin lover like Marcello Mastroianni starring in “That Night in Varennes” or “Casanova”; more sophisticated, the garment-dyed silken pyjamas reminiscent of  Robert Redford, alias “The Great Gatsby”. More easy-going and adventurous, the new “night & day”  pyjamas: a printed garment with maxi stripes made from bemberg (cuprammonium rayon), an innovative fabric, lightweight and rarely crumpled for dancing and drinking a toast, like Gene Kelly starring “An American in Paris”.

Worthy of a real Bollywood dandy, the loose night shirt and the matching plaid by Olga Frua, with irregular bright silken stripes, to look like a contemporary sultan on the magic carpet, or embroidered with powerful patterns and colours, in the style of an eccentric fashion guru, like Owen Wilson starring in “Zoolander” !

Olga Frua has also designed a unique piece to wear over nightshirts, pyjamas and loose pyjamas: the housecoat, reminiscent of the aristocratic 20th century, a garment that goes well with virtually everything. The short dressing gown of extra soft velvet, a bemberg and silk blend, with a surprising reverse side. An evening jacket, precisely, thanks to its dinner-jacket details, perfect for secret night agents like James Bond !

Versatile and timeless, Olga Frua’s vests, maybe somewhat in a cowboy style, or perhaps reminiscent of Pirates of the Caribbean, and even a little intellectual chic, like Woody Allen, are a mix of fabrics, prints and plain colours proposed in a contemporary palette of green, pink, amaranth, night blue, tobacco, and opal. A  must-have to complete your look and evoke every night the myth of Hollywood, constantly present in the soul of every true dreamer.

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