March 2017 – For the 2017 edition of the Milan Design Week, Olga Frua renews its partnership with CQS Studio designers, who wanted to bring the concept of Before Design Classic into a real place, experienced and rich in history and care for details: the Grand Hotel et De Milan, the only 5-star hotel run with great energy, warmth and love that has been able to preserve its unique atmosphere, rich in historical suggestions but, at the same time, extremely topical.

Just like the dressing gowns and nightwear of Olga Frua, which in that space, the scene of endless meetings, will tell its essence to dream forever and timelessly, travelling through past and present beauty. Not the rooms, but the hall of the Grand Hotel will unveil Thousand Dreams, an impalpable bedding set with pillow cases and sheets of embroidered voile of pure cotton and Yume, a silk plaid blanket with the innovative white duck feather padding of Tindown®, to welcome with amazing smoothness its guests and all their dreams, even those they have with open eyes!

Olga Frua dresses up the night with refined fabrics and the elegance of tailor-made cuts that preserve the pace of yore, selecting excellent materials and cutting-edge processes to make each creation a contemporary synthesis of beauty and design!

Olga Frua, in particular with the Do Not Disturb Collection, is inspired by journeys, nights spent away from home, bedrooms around the world and at sea, bringing the finest cotton satins and luxurious silks and the freshness of linens in unprecedented colours and patterns and with unique customizations, such as embroideries, finishes and sizes. Style can be really extra ordinary!

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