Olga Frua meets Oberto Gili, a big name in the field of photography: his are the shoots taken for the Spring/Summer ’17 collection. A meeting that does not confine itself to the shoots, but enters a more intimate and private sphere: the photographer’s eclectic house in Bra, near Cuneo.

Thanks to the extreme care of its interiors, the brightness of its rooms, the travel memories that narrate the lifelong passions of its owner, the house is the perfect setting to welcome Olga Frua and give expression to its Ars Dormiendi. The photographer depicts both the feminine and masculine sides, portraying nightdresses and shirts, pyjamas, and their meeting point: bed linen.

The architectonic structure of the house, with its bright green beamed ceilings and the big windows overlooking the garden, gives the idea of a secret and magic world, where relaxation is the keyword. An invitation to escape the stressful daily routine, which finds its natural way in the nightdresses and shirts and pyjamas for him and for her. The floral patterns dominate the space, along with the pastel colours, which are an essential key in these rooms full of lightness and a clear bond with the neat garden.

The photographer’s journey ends in his garden: celestial figures appear in the aristocratic alleys, wrapped up in simple yet refined clothes, such as the silk nightdress with contrasting embroidery, which expresses the serenity and freshness of a spring night. Olga Frua is the very essence of this world, where the charm of the night is ready to be worn; an enchantment caught in its entire authenticity by the magic eye of Oberto Gili.

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