In the vastness of nautical miles between the sea, the sun and the emotions of a life lived on board, Olga Frua meets the philosophy of the Grand Soleil Yachts. 

From the outside to the inside, the feeling of well-being continues even when the owner and his guests go below deck to rest between Olga Frua’s made to measure custom linen. Sheets, bedspreads, pillowcases and cushions, bathroom sets, a precious selection of textiles, to choose from and combine fabrics, colors, finishes, embroidered logos and monograms. 

The exclusivity of relaxation is also made up of dreams and awakenings, which is why Olga Frua, together with Grand Soleil Yachts, offers all the elegance, passion, and quality of Made in Italy. 

We leave our clients with only one choice: let yourself be lulled by waves, stars and unforgettable dream journeys.

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