Florence, 12 – 15 June 2018. Dream or reality? For the 2019 Spring-Summer Collection, Olga Frua gets its inspiration from a sea voyage. The setting is the sun-kissed Italian Riviera, with the hot summer sunlight, the waves and the unmistakable seabed extents of the Mediterranean. The protagonists of this adventure are a visionary captain and his guests aboard a sailing ship with exclusive walk-in closets and eclectic, yet comfortable, garments designed by Olga Frua with the purpose of enhancing the body while allowing the mind to take a vacation.

Pyjamas that turn into evening suits, nightgowns like kaftans, housecoats that are also suitable for cocktail parties, boxer shorts to be worn like bermudas or for a dive into the sea, or even to be matched with pirate shirts: there is no boundary on the sea, everything is fluid from dawn to dusk.

White and natural are de rigueur, dazzling under the sun, lightweight and refreshing, made from plant-derived materials, whether linen or cotton and linen mixed with silk. Within the fullness of the fabrics we meet sea characters never seen before: from the 20th-century archives of fabric samples of Olga Frua re-emerge patterns of anchors, mermaids, bees, angles, catfish, majestic lions and other mythical creatures masterly designed by contemporary artists. A limited-edition and numbered proposal that includes tailor-made pyjamas and dressing gowns, whose graphic features mingle with the textile prints of the profiles, precise stitches and hand-made buttons. Unique and unrepeatable garments, worthy of a sea stars, to distinguish oneself, like a lion on the sea, yet with elegant irony.

A palette of intense and light-hearted colours lights up the micro and macro polka dots of the optical print, a re-edition of the exclusive design from the ‘60s: like bubbles coming out of a dispenser, they follow each other and deceive the eye. We find them on an innovative fabric, namely cupro or Bemberg, which has been chosen for the all-purpose suit of the Olga Frua summer: the classic over-size pyjamas to be worn with – or without – the matching dressing gown. Whether illusionists or would-be magicians, you will just look amazing, both at a full-moon party on the beach or at a poolside cocktail!

Olga Frua has chosen to re-propose this particular cotton fibre for the underlying aesthetic values as well as to pay attention to its ethical sensitivity. As a matter of fact, cupro is an eclectic and unprecedented fabric, consistent with the style and best quality of Olga Frua: it combines the delicacy of plant-derived fibres with the brightness and elasticity offered by artificial fibres. In addition to beauty, this fabric ensures wellbeing for the body and for the planet as well: it is breathable, anti-allergenic and antistatic; it is environmentally friendly thanks to the implementation of the innovative ecological and sustainability levels achieved through the production process. Finally, it is biodegradable, and the possibility to recycle all scraps and processing waste makes it really eco-friendly.

Olga Frua dedicates its summer to the wonderful nature that roars wildly inside every day-dreamer and has always accompanied him to enjoy the beauty and pleasure of a life in contact with the sun, the sea, the earth, affections, time, smiles, dreams and passions, real contemporary luxuries

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