Florence, 8 – 12 January 2019. Am I dreaming or wide awake? Olga Frua dissolves the crepusculine dilemma of indecision by bringing impeccable Neapolitan tailoring to a Hamletic capsule collection for the coming fall and winter.

Pyjamas or bespoke suit? Dressing gown or coat? Single-breasted or smoking jacket? Am I going out or am I going to bed?

With tongue-in-cheek provocation, Olga Frua blends time zones, confounding diurnal dressing habits with nocturnal ones. Luminous evenings are in store for incorrigible night owls. Irresistibly smooth, soft, sensual and sheeny is the man in silk satin – either serious in steel grey, or playful in stripes and colours. For gloomy days, there is the soothing opaqueness of rugged wool tweed – pinstripe, check or mélange. The shades are warm, flaming, burnt, scorched by an African sunset.

Evening attire or daytime lounge-wear? Olga Frua pokes fun at the difference between them. The night might never be the same. The day could turn out surprising. Cotton is now cupro*, a novel, versatile cloth that embraces the full spectrum of the rainbow – the perfect passepartout come rain or shine, for the ecological high-tech dandy.

Olga Frua gives no answers, just possibilities. Let us interrupt our routine with new habits.

Get your beauty sleep, keep your head in the clouds, enjoy wild nights and relaxing days, judge by appearances that do not deceive, read books with beautiful covers, wear your heart on your sleeve, press all the right buttons, don rose-tinted glasses and dress accordingly.

To paraphrase Shakespeare, “To wake, to sleep; To sleep, perchance to dream – ay there’s the rub: For in that waking sleep, what dreams may come?” (Hamlet). Olga Frua elevates the masculine universe with a capsule collection that dresses the time from sundown to sunup without a fixed schedule, without performance anxiety, without rules and regulations – only your own inalienable freedom.

*Olga Frua tailors with cupro, an artificial fibre made from cotton linters. Aesthetically pleasing, ethically sustainable, cupro is coherent with the style, comfort and quality of Olga Frua garments. It combines the softness of natural fibre with the glossiness and elasticity of synthetics. In addition to its beauty, cupro is good for the body and the planet. It is breathable, non-allergic, anti-static, ecologically friendly and biodegradable.

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