Luxury linen made to measure for you and your guests

Bespoke Collection

From Milan to everywhere, dreams come true!

Olga Frua follows each “custom-made” project from concept to delivery, working alongside designers and private parties in the customization of premium product, providing advice on the residential, yachting and hospitality sector. On a bespoke basis Olga Frua manufactures a wide range of different fabric density from the classic 200 TC until the finest 1200 TC or more. Every material is customizable with different, yet always stylish stitches, in addition to the exclusive details such as logo and monogram embroideries.

Do not disturb! Collection

This collection, dedicated to Interior Designer, offer the possibility to choose from a huge palette of color with the aim to fulfill any taste and any desire.

Olga Frua,  gently wakes up the intimate super-yacht world of sleeping, with its refined and elegant sets of bed linen. Especially dedicated to those who love to be lulled to sleep at sea by only the relaxing lapping of waves sound and the soft touch of sateen or the gentle feeling of percale,  two excellent fabric realized using finest cotton yarn. The sheets could be finished following the designer project: elegant details such as Ajour stitch or paspel, all cut and sewn by hand in Italy by skilled and devoted artisans.

Olga Frua designs all textiles in order to ensure the best possible conditions for an ideal sleep. Lightness, naturalness, pleasure ... and silence: please, do not disturb !

Ars Dormiendi Collection

Every sleep is a dream, a journey, an experience always different, but repeatable every night.

“Ars dormiendi”, the project by Olga Frua dedicated to the night, comes full of certain allure, in which a special care for natural fabrics. Linen rigorously made in Italy, sea colours with energizing vibrations, ajour embroideries of exquisite refinement, combined with design details of contemporary taste, make each item a unique piece. Sleeping every night wrapped in sheets woven with excellent Linen yarns, wearing pyjamas and dressing gowns with an impeccable cut and embellished with handcrafted details is no longer just a simple luxury, but a real lifestyle.   

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