Olga Frua, with the aim to be always up to date and close to its customer comfort and wellbeing, has a new product to propose in the luxury yacht world.

Against the current trend of today’s unpredictable and frantic pace of living, which takes away more and more time and energy, it seems that a new, unexpected scenario offered a moment of deep intimacy with oneself and the others, a back to basic mindset. Priority is wellbeing, wherever ! 

And wellbeing by Olga Frua is a perfect balance of beauty, comfort and health

Virhome is the its choice.

VIirhome was created to face the ongoing health emergency but it also considers the threat of climate change caused by environmental pollution.

Virhome is OEKO-TEX® certified a guarantee of human ecological safety of textile products and does not cause allergies and skin irritation. It does not alter a textile’s physical and mechanical properties, staying comfortable and fresh to the touch. 



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