Olga Frua presents ITS SENSUAL AND WILD SIDE at Super 2017

Milan, February 25th – 27th 2017. Romantic dressing gowns, iridescent satin pajamas, extra long like a diva or short version like an Amazon, Nightgowns irresistible to date under the stars and, above all, mysterious cloaks, almost magic. Olga Frua makes happy the most demanding, serial seducers, ethereal princesses and rigorous chic women presenting its FEMININE side, sensual and wild, which comes in a sophisticated Collection to pack and easily carry in your suitcase.

The articles of the 2017 Women’s Collection all share a common thread: silk.

The cloaks are made of garment-dyed silk, padded with goose down; soft and very warm, to be worn outside or at home, are extremely elegant over jacquard-silk pyjamas with contrasting lapels and imperceptible seams. Only yarn and a contrasting profile for the polo shirts, which bears an embroidered logo or monogram. Their jersey melange is lightweight and highlights the muscle structure. The dressing gowns, also of jacquard-silk, are double-faced and padded with goose down, wrapping and cuddling with an eclectic touch: sensually irreverent with the matching boxer shorts, more reassuring with the dinner-style trousers sliding elegantly at every step you take, as if you were a star, a marquis, or a maharaja.

After the poetic intimacy of Ars Dormiendi and its embroidered rooms overlooking Lake Maggiore, with the smooth and inexhaustible energy of Pyjama Party – only vibrant silk beating at the rate of the Milan nights – and in the dreamy 7-star luxury of Don’t Disturb, Olga Frua in now revealing at the 2017 edition of Pitti Uomo its chest of wonders: smooth and gallant shapes, precious materials, hand-made embroideries, refined colours, and an old design, which is in fact the only mention of the history of the Fabric Printing Workshop De Angeli Frua in Milan, which expresses all the nomadic essence of MAHARAJA’.

Olga Frua, with its Maharaja Capsules, is inspired by journeys, nights away from home, sleeping rooms around the world, dynamic exoticism of a real or virtual oasis, where to meet a man who enjoys himself daydreaming and magically rediscovering the playful activity of the child within him.

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